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  • Meal Period Agreement
    Updated On: Jun 02, 2018

    Here is the final Meal Period that was signed last week.  We put a video out on our Facebook page BMWED Burlington Northern System.  I would recommend watching it. We need to force the carrier to have wash stations and actually call our 20 min meal period. 

    This creates the 8hr – 20 min lunch for all mobile positions, and allows a “4-10” like option for any other H.Q. position to work  8-20  with BMWE and Company’s concurrence.  This option will allow us to get the many gangs already working 8-20’s back in compliance with the Agreement.

    That question is resolved for the “8-20min paid” assignment.  This agreement does “”legitimize” the “hour for beans” O.T. practice.  This agreement does affirm that under Rule 29 you do get the meal and the time, if the Company does not provide the meal on site.  This agreement does NOT resolve the question of what is “adequate” if a meal is provided on site, but that was not part of the initial question and was not part of the claims that were on the “attachment” that created the “mead-arb” in the first place.

    Look, We try things. We try to resolve disputes.  Let's try this one year and see if we end up better or worse. If worse, we cancel and you can criticize for trying something new. If it is good, we will keep it going forward. If not, we need something new. But always trying nothing doesn't get us the answers. Some will turn out better, some may not. But either way let's get involved and voice your opinions .


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